Mont Blanc Legend EDT For Men (100ml)
Mont Blanc Legend EDT For Men (100ml)

Mont Blanc Legend EDT For Men (100ml)

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  • Characteristic of the most famous families that todays perfumes fall under this mont blanc legend stands defining the fern-like scent that you breathe in the wild
  • Blending fougere with a dry and intense masculine finish you have the legend picking up more than just compliments
  • No complications can keep you mixed up with other men in the crowd, the notes of this EDT are clear, like the mind of a man who is truly focused
  • Your fragrance is redolent of your lively persona and refined tastes
  • Greet the day with a truly exotic mix, Legend brings notes that are fruity, aromatic of spice, wood and everything masculine to keep your every move underlined with a whiff of intense fragrance
  • Fan of the renowned meisterstĂĽck pen Youre sure to recognize the sleek yet defined curves of the pen reflecting in the design of this flacon
  • Be the true fan of Mont Blanc and get all the boxes checked for appearance and magnetism